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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

What is the cost for a wedding at Reid Farm?

Wedding pricing is based upon number of guests and selection of items. Please contact us for a preliminary price proposal.

How do I schedule a tour of Reid Farm?

Please contact us to schedule a tour. We offer tours, by appointment, on weekday evenings and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

May we choose our own vendors?

Of course. We do require that vendors are all properly licensed, insured, and  approved by Reid Farm management. Caterers must provide proof of licensure  and insurance at least  two weeks prior to the event.

Are there any limitations on decorations?

As our property is a natural habitat for many plants and animals, we must prohibit loose glitter, confetti, rice, birdseed, potpourri, and other small objects that can spread easily.

Nails, screws, tape, and staples are also not allowed on any surfaces. If you have a particular request for decoration, please ask us.

What are the expectations for cleanup?

We will arrange a specific time that your event must be over. At that time, all guests, vendors, decorations, and any other items must be removed from the property. 

Reid Farm will manage trash throughout the event. Clients are responsible for ---

Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

Beer and wine are permitted for adults 21 years of age and older. Alcohol must  be served by a licensed and insured bartender. Proof of license and insurance should be submitted to Reid Farm two weeks prior to the event.

More Information

While we are able to offer basic answers here, we always recommend getting in touch with us so that we can better discuss ways that we can meet your needs. We look forward to serving you!

When are we allowed to visit the venue for event consultations?

We will plan two 90 minute consultation meetings. Should you need to meet at the farm at other times, we will do our best to accommodate you.


No smoking is allowed on the property.

E-cigarettes will be allowed only in the designated area.

What types of tables and chairs are available?

We provide 200 folding garden chairs, 200 Chiavari chairs, 25--60" round tables, 6--8' rectangular tables,  and 6--6' rectangular tables.